domingo, 3 de octubre de 2010

Letra y traducción de "Scream"- Nick Carter

Ya tenemos la letra y traducción de la canción de Nick "Scream". Tan solo deciros que nos encanta!

Nick Carter – Scream

it's like I'm falling in six feet deep
I’m reaching for the top but I can’t breathe
I got my eyes wide open but I can’t see
Got my arms stretched out but I can’t reach

I’m trying to run to you
Don’t know why I can’t move
Feels like my feet are glued to the ground
See the tears on your face
In your voice hear the pain
Wishing that I could make it turn around
But you don’t turn around

It’s like I’m screaming out
I can’t make a sound
And I don’t know how
To move on
I wish I could just go back
But I can’t do that
It’s too late, it’s a fact
You’re gone

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Letra y traducción: Criss_bsb (Foro de BSBSpain)

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